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Sydney Welch

Sydney Welch is a self-taught photographer and creative director based in the Bay Area. She was raised in Fremont, CA where she constantly found herself being inspired by the people and places around her. It wasn’t until her junior year of high-school where she enrolled in a photography class and picked up her mother’s 15 year old film camera and started expressing herself through photography. 8 years later, her creativity and passion has led her to continue to express a wide variety of aesthetics, creatives, artists, feelings and more. Sydney has a diverse range of editorial shoots, album and single artwork covers as well. She has worked with clients such as P-Lo, IAMSU!, UMI, H.E.R. Kamaiyah, Drebae, and much more.

Sydney manifests to continue to be able to share a genuine and remarkable approach with all of her creative endeavors.

Select Publications: KQED, Billboard, Entertainment Tonight, SFJazz, LEVI’S, The Stashed SF by Nike, DefPen Magazine

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